A Complete Guide To NOL Card Balance Check


Are you someone who makes frequent use of Dubai’s public transportation system? If this is the case, then you are probably already familiar with the NOL card’s ability to save you time and money. To successfully navigate the large public transportation network in the city, the NOL card, an acronym for “New Fare Collection System,” is an indispensable instrument.

What You Need to Know About the NOL Card

To avoid getting bogged down in the complexities of monitoring the amount on your NOL card, let’s first take a moment to go over what the NOL card and how it operates. The NOL card is a smart card that allows passengers to travel without any interruptions across a variety of public transportation options in Dubai.

These options include the metro, buses, trams, and water buses. It provides customers with the ability to pay for their fares without the need for cash. It offers both normal and silver NOL cards, which uniquely designed to meet the requirements of different types of travelers.

Learn How to Check the Balance on Your NOL Card

NOL Card Balance Check

The procedure of checking the amount on your NOL card is a simple one that may accomplished through a variety of methods, including the following:

  1. Find the NOL card area on the RTA Dubai website. Enter your login information and go to the “balance inquiry” section to see how much money you have in your account.
  2. Use the RTA Dubai app, which can be downloaded on your smartphone, and then log in with your account details. To view your current balance while you’re on the move, head to the app’s NOL card section and choose the balance inquiry option.
  3. You may find these machines at any bus or metro stop. Follow the on-screen prompts to view your NOL card balance after inserting it into the specified slot.
  4. Go to a customer service center for RTA in person and ask for help at the service counter. Customer care will assist you in checking your balance and answering any questions you may have after you provide your NOL card.

NOL Card Balance Check

Maintaining a level of awareness regarding the balance of your NOL card is necessary to travel on Dubai’s public transportation network in a manner that is both hassle-free and effective. By adhering to the methods that indicated in this article and taking proactive measures to manage your transportation finances. You will be able to enjoy hassle-free travel across the city while remaining in control of your financial situation.


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